About HNA

HNA 14 s1HNA Engineering Ltd. is an organization with the ability to provide your company or organization with comprehensive engineering support to contribute effectively to the implementation of interdisciplinary investment projects with resource management optimization, solution of operational issues and infrastructure maintenance.

The development of our engineering design is based on the analysis of the different stages and components that are a part of the implementation of any project. This allows us to identify the terms that provide alternatives in development, providing feedback for decision making that leads to the proposal of low cost solutions that ensure optimal system performance. In the field of construction, we have been involved in the development of civil projects in the areas of Basic Sanitation, construction of integrated water and sewage systems, direction of urban projects, and project management for the oil industry.

Our Engineering Group is constantly updating its methodologies, software designs and quienes 2calculation and monitoring equipment used in the various assessments, studies and designs, all in compliance with National and International Laws.

To develop comprehensive engineering projects that meet our clients' needs, through our human resource training and constantly growing strategic alliances.

To achieve excellence in our engineering services and be positioned as leaders in the national market, with international projection as well.

OIL & GAS HNA Engineering-USA - 8989 Westheimer Rd. Houston Texas 77063 Contact: Gabriel Castro Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Telephone: 281-229-2656