Cliente: Castilla Refinery
Proyecto: Pre-conceptual formulation and engineering service at a technical and financial level for the Castilla Refinery project
Localización: Bogota - Colombia; Honduras
Fecha: December 2016


Cliente: GrandTierra
Proyecto: Construction works Stabilization platform Carpet 4, Helipad and tower
Localización: Putumayo - Colombia
Fecha: December 2016


Cliente: Pipeline of northern Colombia - ONC
Proyecto: Detail Engineering, Interconnection River Zulia Station Pipeline Caño Limón Coveñas, improvements to the River Zulia Station, adaptation of the Miramontes section - River Zulia
Localización: Norte de Santander - Colombia
Fecha: Agosto 2015


Cliente: Hocol
Proyecto: Extended basic engineering for the development of gas production facilities Bonga-Mamey Blocks. The facilities to be installed in the current wells and the gas collection and treatment station
Localización: Sucre - Colombia
Fecha: November 2013


Cliente: Cormacarena
Proyecto: Formulation of the Plan of Management and management of the basin (POMCA) of the river Tillavá and plan of ordering of the water resource
Localización: Puerto Gaitan - Meta - Colombia
Fecha: December 2013


Cliente: HOCOL
Proyecto: Detailed engineering, oversight of the pre-commissioning, commissioning and start up of the project "Estación de Tratamiento y Compresión de gas natural de Santa Rita (30 mmscfd) including gas lines, pipelines, and an associated custody and transfer station.
Localización: Ortega - Tolima
Valor: 4285,81 SMMLV
Fecha: May 2008


Proyecto: EPC contract for the development of the complementary detailed engineering design, purchases, construction, installation and commissioning of the project "Llenadero de Productos Aromáticos de la Refinería de Barrancabermeja".
Localización: Barrancabermeja - Santander
Valor: 11684,52 SMMLV
Fecha: July 2010


Cliente: UT-KOGECI
Proyecto: Detailed engineering design for the construction and tecnical documentation of the dynamic metering quality improvement of the VIT stations of Ecopetrol. 
Localización: Colombia
Valor: 2720,10
Fecha: May 2010


Proyecto: EPC contract for the development of the detailed engineering design, procurement, project construction, precommissioning, commissioning and start up: optimization of the processes in the Tenay station, located in Campo Dina of the superintendence of operations of Huila-Tolima of Ecopetrol`s southern regional management.
Localización: Neiva - Huila
Valor: 5053,30 SMMLV
Fecha: Septiembre 2010


Cliente: HOCOL

Detailed engineering design, assurement of quality (oversight and precommissioning), commissioning and start up of the projects "Oleoducto La Hocha Los Mangos, incluyendo la Estación de Transferencia de Custodia Los Mangos" and "Ampliación Estación de Compresión y Tratamiento de gas natural Santa Rita".

Localización: Huila and Tolima
Valor: 3207,24 SMMLV
Fecha: January 2011


Cliente: COMPAX

Consulting for de development of the detailed engineering design, associated to the SCADA Crudos-Ecopetrol project facilities en 34 stations.

Localización: Colombia
Valor: 4298,68 SMMLV
Fecha: April 2011

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